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Golden Tattoo Flash Volume 1


Amazing volume 1 that can't be found anywhere today, which tell the history of tattoo in that period now seen as the Renaissance of tattoo: the Nineties!

Golden Tattoo Flash Volume 1 is a book that is really worth its weight in gold! First published in 1993, it displayed original and unpublished flash by the greatest exponents of the art of tattooing in a single volume.
With artwork by Filip Leu, Lorna Billy, Theo Jack, Bernie Luther, Tin-tin, Gianmaurizio Fercioni, Leo Zulueta, Bugs, Luke Atkinson, Robert Herbnandez, Marco Leoni, and many more...

All images in this ebook are under copyright and can not be reproduced or sold as your own but only used as a reference for tattooing.

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Type: Flash
Pages: 68 [pdf format]
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