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Ink a close up to Iñaki work by Iñaki


This digital sketchbook by Iñaki is a paeon to the Oriental style and the sheer elegance which has always made it so apt for skin and ink, not to mention the anatomy of the human body. The sinuous lines of the most popular subjects of the tradition (dragons, tigers, snakes, geishas, koi carp and sea waves, just to mention a few) are all here, published for the first time in these marvellous illustrated plates, up close and in intricate detail, making this a singular immersive experience. An endless source of inspiration for all lovers of Oriental tattoo.

All images in this ebook are under copyright and can not be reproduced or sold as your own but only used as a reference for tattooing.

Tattoo Life eBook ICO device
Type: Sketch
Pages: 50 [pdf format]
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