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Japanese tattoo designs and sketches by Aaron Bell


Aaron Bell brings together 98 plates in this digital eBook which illustrate all the main subjects in traditional Japanese: snakes, tigers, tengu, baku, dragons, flowers, Fudo Myoo, Koi carp, Hanny'a, hawks, Ho Ho birds, Kirin, Kongo Rikishi, legends, Oni, samurai, Shishi, skulls and much more. You will find them sketched in pencil, rendered in watercolour or in Indian ink. And each of them will provide you with a reference point to keep in mind when investigating these themes.

All images in this ebook are under copyright and can not be reproduced or sold as your own but only used as a reference for tattooing.

Tattoo Life eBook ICO device
Type: Flash, Sketch
Pages: 98 [pdf format]
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