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Tattoo Life Magazine 135


Interview with Kleer, the tattoo model from Hungary who likes to live on the edge. Lydia Madrid, a Spanish tattooist based in Los Angeles famous for her faces that are melancholy and tired but self-assured. Chat at the top with Dino Vallely who tells us about the path that led him to a style he himself defines as Tribal Black, perhaps as a tribute to all the cultural influences it encapsulates. Neo Japanese style, magnificent Hannya masks and dragons are the signs of the south Korean tattoo artist Hajin. Animals and wildlife, particularly birds, are the protagonists of Neo Traditional tattoos by the English tattoo artist Sneaky Mitch that we meet in a dedicated interview. Visit the Electric Grizzly tattoo, in Canada with Derek Turcotte and meet the rest of the crew.

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Type: Magazine in pdf format
Pages: +100 pages [pdf format]
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