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Tattoo Life Magazine 137


In this issue meet Thalia the digital girl from Cologne, Germany. Her body looks divided into two parts, black and grey and colour as well as her hair, black and grey inspired by her muse, Cruella De Vil. We go to Calgary to meet the great master of colour, James Tex. He is ready to work in different styles as long as the project interests him. But to the question we asked him about how he would define his style, he replied without missing a beat: “Illustrative Japanese”. Tattoos like old, creased stickers, like the ones you’d get as a child from old sticker books, are the bench mark of Luke Cormier better known as Mr. Sticker. Rafel Delalande from Seven Doors London, defines his tattoos as raw and gritty. They are inspired by horror films and classic echoes of macabre paintings, visuals connected with his musical tastes and catholic religious iconography. Mico is a young tattoo artist from South Corea. She works mainly on mandalas, geometries, floral and even Traditional subjects. She loves to do various genre of tattoos so that she can do works that suit the tastes of her clients and not be bound by a certain style. Last but not least, Kiku Punk welcomes us to his tattoo studio in Brooklyn, The Good Luck NYC, introducing us the rest of the team and their amazing tattoos.

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