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Tattooing Vol 2 by Davide Andreoli


50 plates of little devils, glamorous dames, swallows, sailors, hearts, anchors, lettering and mottos for a fresh original take on classic Traditional. In this new eBook Davide Andreoli tips his hat to the classic Traditional of great names in European tattoo such as Herbert Hoffman, Ole Hanson and Tattoo Peter. But the magnifying glass really hones in on an all-Italian Traditional which has clearly influenced Davide Andreoli’s style. Here we find the original drawings of masters of Italian Traditional like Gian Maurizio Fercioni and Dadi Carulli alongside the ones which Davide has reinterpreted, giving these pieces all the movement and vividness which is the hallmark of his work. A wealth of sketches for fun, offbeat small tattoos, a source of inspiration for creating fresh compositions to ink onto skin.

All images in this ebook are under copyright and can not be reproduced or sold as your own but only used as a reference for tattooing.

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Type: Line Work
Pages: 52 [pdf format]
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