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The Mask Loaders by Alexxx


The Japanese style is used by Portugese tattooist Alexxx to create exciting original designs brought together in this digita eBook The Mask Loaders. Traditional Japanese masks such as hannya, tengu, ko-omote, oni, not to mention hyottoko e okame, are presented from different viewpoints, some even seen from the inside. Alongside these are the humanised animals which wear the masks, creatures like rats, toads, kappa, octopus and onis. There are also yokai painted red and black in a highly original and authentic cartoon/Japanese style. The background is a distressed ochre wash reminiscent of the texture of skin. The artist has taken direct inspiration from traditional Japanese iconography even though most of the drawings make no direct reference to it and are purely the fruit of his own imagination.

All images in this ebook are under copyright and can not be reproduced or sold as your own but only used as a reference for tattooing.

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Pages: 68 [pdf format]
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