Tattoo Life is an international publishing group specialised in publications about tattoo and its contaminations in art and street culture. An established reference point in the sector since 1994, Tattoo Life is a historic publishing house based in Milan and with a loyal following of professionals and tattoo lovers who have been fans of the publications for over 25 years.

In 1993, Miki Vialetto started working on the editorial team of Tattoo Review, the first Italian publication devoted to tattoo. A true lover of skin art, travel and motorbikes, in those years before tattoo reached the popularity it enjoys today, Miki travelled the world to meet the most celebrated artists and get tattoos by them, forging relationships based on friendship and mutual respect.

Thanks to his experience in the field and expertise he soon became chief editor of the magazine and in 1999 founded Tattoo Life, an international publishing group specialised in publications dedicated to the art of tattooing and its fusion with fine art and street culture. The Group rapidly became a point of reference for tattoo enthusiasts and professionals alike, distinguishing itself with the highest quality standards, diversified contents and the international scope of the publications.


With head offices in Milan (Italy), Tattoo Life publishes the internationa magazineTattoo Life, a bimonthly publication devoted to tattoo art,  translated into five languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and German) and distributed and sold in 48 countries around the world.

The Group also publishes the books in the series The Great Books on the Art of Tattooing, considered the most prestigious publication in the sector and sold in selected bookshops in the world, including the bookshop in MoMA in New York.

The volumes are created in collaboration with the most famous international tattoo artists (Filip Leu, Horiyoshi III, Henning Jorgensen, Jondix, Thomas Hooper, the Californian shop Spider Murphy, Horihiro, Ichibay, to name but a few), who work on original artistic projects commissioned by the Group.

The new series of books from Tattoo Life is The Golden Flash Collection: a publishing channel focused on research and discovery, which offers a platform for new projects and artists the publisher believes in and chooses to promote.

Every year Tattoo Life also publishes different editions of the Tattoo Artists Yearbooks; editions for Italy, Spain, UK & Ireland, France and Germany (with Switzerland and Austria).


Chosen by tattoo artists for tattoo lovers: this is the seal of quality of Tattoo Life, and is proven by the support we have received over the years from professionals as well as tattoo lovers. Still today, working for Tattoo Life is a source of pride and satisfaction for the best tattoo artists in the world and, thanks to these collaborations, the Group is proud to be able to guarantee our readers a quality product.

The main office keeps a close eye on international developments and our many contributors the world over ensure we always have a fresh take on what is going on in the world of tattoo and everything that revolves around this art form. The Tattoo Life editorial team is made up of professional journalists and photographers who are constantly engaged in the production of new articles, interviews and photo-reportage.

Our mission is to promote the best of international tattoo culture, support historic names on the scene, discover new talent, and follow up on all the contaminations of this art with other scenes and raise awareness of the history, future prospects and myriad facets of the fascinating art of tattoo to the widest and most varied public: professionals, tattoo fans, lovers of art and street art of all ages, cultures and every part of the world.